Vocal Training

Lucia Fodde


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"Through the voice we can express what is hidden in our soul.

With the tools of our body and the right technique, we let the music reveal who we really are.

I am happy to help you to achieve your goal!"

The voice is a gift, a passion, an extraordinary tool, which brings with it small and big dreams and goals to achieve. Choosing the right path to achieve them is fundamental, but not always easy, because each voice is unique and the "vocal" objectives are different for each one. Individual lessons are the most effective and fastest way to get results on singers at all levels, from beginner to professional, because they are "tailored" to your voice, to improve it exactly where you need it most and according to your needs. »» If you want to have a singing lesson with me from anywhere in the world, you can study with online singing lessons via Skype.

Body alignment
Concept of support
Repertoire work
Vocal Jazz/Pop
Scat singing
Theory of harmony

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